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Art Chat: Interview with Gladys Roldan de Moras Art Chat with Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Gladys Roldan de Moras joins Linda to discuss her art. Gladys paints gorgeous paintings of Mexican/Spanish culture. She discusses finding her voice, her interest in her culture and how details matter to show the culture correctly. Known for her paintings, which spotlight Spanish culture, including courageous, gallant Mexican escaramuzas daringly riding horses sidesaddle in rodeo-style festivals, romantic Flamenco señoritas clad in exuberant Andalusian dresses, and classic, delicate damsel in intimate, exquisite poses…Support the show Visit our Youtube Channel at Visit to check out our activities and blogs!
  1. Art Chat: Interview with Gladys Roldan de Moras
  2. Art Chat: Discovering Voice with Linda Riesenberg Fisler and Carolyn Anderson
  3. Pondering the Myths and Realities of Being an Artist
  4. Art Chat Christine Davis Journey from Watercolors to Oils
  5. Art Chat: Making ConnectionsThru Art

You can also catch the show on Youtube!

Art Chat: Interview with Gladys Roldan de Moras

Art Chat: Discovering Voice

Guest: Carolyn Anderson

Art Chat: Pondering the Myths & Realities of Being an Artist

Guests: John Anderson and Ralph Hauze

Art Chat: Journey from Watercolors to Oils

Guest Artist: Christine Davis

Art Chat: Making Connections Thru Art

Guest Artist: Fiona Smith

Art Chat: The Balancing Act of Work and Life

Guest Artist Elizabeth Whelan

New Watercolours from Michael Harding!

Blogging and Art Marketing Content Development with Katie Carey (Artwork Archive)

Katie Carey, Head of Content Development for Artwork Archive, joins Linda to discuss how artists/creatives can use blogging and content development as art marketing to find an interesting audience.

Exploring the Journey with Kevin Macpherson

Art Chat: Artists as Entrepreneurs with Justin Anthony of Artwork Archive.

Art Chat: Watercolor Artist Annie Strack

Art Chat: From Murder to Mayberry to Dinner to Star Wars with Dick Atkins

Fine Art Niches with Karen Espanent of Hummingbird Productions!

Interview with Author/Podcaster/Former PBS Reporter Gail Hulnick

Understanding Values and Value

Collecting Your Thoughts! Episode 4 in our Business Series!

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