AHA Honorary Members

Welcome Honorary Members!

We are humbled to announce our Honorary Members and look forward to working with them as we explore new adventures! Be sure to check out their work via their websites!

Joseph McGurl

Joseph McGurl is one of America’s leading landscape painters.  He has been designated a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, is a signature member of the Plein Air Painters of America, an elected member of the Guild of Boston Artists,  was a Copley Master with the Copley Society of Boston, is a fellow of the American Society of Marine Artist, and has won significant awards for his artwork.   He is represented by some of the finest galleries nationally, and his work hangs in prominent museums and collector’s homes.  Additionally, he has been the subject of numerous book and magazine articles, and he conducts workshops and presents lectures throughout the country.


Carolyn Anderson

Originally from the Chicago area, Anderson attended school at Illinois State University. While there, she took time off to join VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) and was assigned to the Rocky Boy Reservation in north central Montana. Many years later she returned to make this part of the West her permanent home. Anderson has developed her own singular style, learning from other artists who inspired and supported her, but experimenting with the boundaries of traditional techniques.  Artist William Reese called her work “poetry – a poetic painting grows as time goes on.”

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Jamie Markle

Jamie Markle is an avid lover of books, artist, and have spent a good portion of his life in publishing, much of that as the Vice President and Group Publisher of the Fine Art group at F+W Media where he helped authors create informational and entertaining books that not only communicate what the author wanted to share, but helped artists learn to be better painters. In addition to editing dozens of books, he has authored 7 books on painting. Jamie is most proud of the series, AcrylicWorks: The Best of Acrylic Painting, because it is the only book series dedicated to providing a platform for acrylic artists to gain the recognition they and this underserved medium deserve. 


Jean Pederson

Jean is the author of “Expressive Portraits: Creative Methods for Painting People”. She has been painting for over twenty years, balancing her strong teaching abilities, and writing with her continuing aspiration to convey her ideas in visual form. Jean’s traditional practice includes referential imagery of people, still life, landscape and abstraction. The layering of a variety of media offers Jean an assortment of possibilities within her work; quality of edge, line and texture all play a role within her imagery. Although Pederson is well known for her mastery of watercolours, mixed media has become an important venue for her creative expression.


George Gallo

George Gallo, Jr. is an American screenwriter, film director, producer, painter and musician. He is best known for writing Midnight Run and 29th Street, and is an accomplished painter in the style of the Pennsylvania Impressionists. In 1990, he won the coveted Arts for the Parks award, and has had three one-man exhibitions in New York City. In 2010, he wrote and directed the film Middle Men starring Luke Wilson. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


Julie Lott Gallo

Julie Lott Gallo is a movie producer, actress and entrepreneur. Working alongside her husband, George, Julie tackles many aspects of the movie industry. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, creativity, and ability to work with others shines through all of her work.


Karen Espenant

Karen Espenant has produced varying projects and commercials at Hummingbird Productions, and serves on the development team of It’s a Wonderful Life the Rest of the Story a fan-fiction film penned by Martha Bolton and Bob Farnsworth.  The Hummingbird team collaborates with world-renowned creatives on projects for every conceivable product, service, or brand across every platform. At Hummingbird she works with celebrated artists like Oscar-nominee Dolly Parton, Emmy Award-winning John Rhys-Davies; Grammy Award-winners Reba McIntyre and Clint Black; and with companies like IMAX and DOLBY.


Michael Harding

Michael Harding Oil Paints

Micheal Harding makes his Artist Oil Paints with colour intensities that artists experienced before the 1840s. This was when the invention of the collapsible tube led to mass production and gradual dilution of quality. Mass-produced paints of today are pale imitations of the colours that artists before the 1840s were able to either make themselves or purchase from a colour man. The main criteria of these colourmen were the quality of the paint and not undercutting the competition.


Jeni Gray

Jeni Gray is known for her jewelry and photography work. A true entrepreneur, Jeni is always searching and thinking about how to market her work as well as teaching new techniques. Jeni’s social media outreach is impressive, providing us with her knowledge of engaging collectors via the web.


Debra Keirce

Debra Keirce has signature memberships and awards in many societies and art shows. Art is the way she communicates her love for America, for the beauty in things that are odd and vintage, and her gratitude for the legacy of the golden age artists.


Joanna Pang Atkins

Joanna Pang Atkins has a unique perspective gained from a fascinating lifetime of experience. Since she was a young girl, Joanna has traveled the world over, performing as an actress and dancer on stage, television and film. As a natural progression, she began producing and directing theater for teens and now brings her experience into schools with multi-cultural dance assemblies and residencies. Joanna Pang is an actress, known for The Secrets of Isis (1975), Nothing Lasts Forever (1984) and The Patchwork Family (1972). Joanna’s stage performances have taken her throughout the country, touring in well-known musicals including West Side StorySouth PacificMusic Man, and The King and I, as well as close to home in the world premiere production of Sayonara at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey.


Dick Atkins

Dick Atkins has produced many movies and various series and specials for television. He was producer of the feature films Asunder in Virginia, and Forced March (which he also wrote) in Hungary, in addition to numerous television movies for CBS, NBC and syndication. He has been executive producer or producer on a health & lifestyle cable series, three documentaries, an original eight-part video series and pilots for syndication and cable. He also has written three original theatrical shows for teenage performers, and directed many hours of documentary footage in Mongolia with the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere. He has worked with many stars, including Kiefer Sutherland, Johnny Cash, Andy Griffith, Blair Underwood, Angela Lansbury, Lee Remick, Marsha Mason, Mary Steenburgen, Ron Silver, Gregory Harrison, Kenny Rogers and Chris Sarandon, and with award-winning directors and writers.


Annie Strack

Annie Strack is a classically trained professional artist whose formal art school training included advanced studies of numerous artistic mediums. Although she is best known as a Modern Master of maritime painting, she is also an experienced expert in many other mediums, subjects, and styles. As a commercial artist, her designs have been used by hotels, restaurants, retailers, and other businesses for decades. An experienced drafter, she has created architectural renderings for dozens of architects and building contractors and her renderings have been featured in numerous publications. Her extraordinary paintings are exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world, and have been featured in 22 solo shows. She exhibits in a multitude of national and international juried shows and her artwork has won hundreds of distinguished awards and grants.


Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides is a Seattle based painter who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art. Aristides is the founder and instructor of the Classical Atelier at the Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, WA.  Juliette teaches workshops both nationally and internationally. Author of  Classical Drawing Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio PracticeClassical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio PracticeLessons in Classical Drawing and Lessons in Classical Painting, published by Watson-Guptill, NY. Vice President and Cofounder of the Da Vinci Initiative. Providing artistic training to public school educators nationally. Aristides frequently contributes to Artist & Illustrators and Artists Magazine. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, American Artist and Gulf Connoisseur Magazine. She exhibits in one person and group shows nationally including a solo exhibition, “Observations” at the Reading Public Museum of Art in Reading, Pennsylvania (2014).


Mandy Theis

Mandy Theis is a classically trained painter and certified K-12 Art Teacher based in the NYC area. Mandy is passionate about art education, and believes that ALL students are capable of creating technically skilled work when they have access to training. Mandy advocates for atelier training all over the world, and has been a guest speaker at many art education and art conferences, including the National Art Education Association Conference, more than 20 state art education conferences, The Representational Art Conference and the Figurative Art Conference & Expo. She is the Director of the School of Atelier Arts.


Gail Hulnick

Gail Hulnick is host and producer of The Brainwave Podcast, an arts program focused on the lives and the charmed moments that begin the creative process for artists, fiction authors, filmmakers, composers, songwriters, poets, chefs, choreographers, architects, and sculptors. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, and now based in Florida, Gail hosted morning shows on public radio and coached artists, politicians, athletes, and businesspeople in media skills. She is an award-winning novelist, has published five travel photography books, and recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing, to accompany her MBA in Marketing and MA in Journalism.

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