About Us:

Artistic Harmonies Association (AHA)–Building Technical Mastery in Artistic and Business Skill resulting in Successful Journeys.

Our Mission:

Artistic Harmonies Association brings to light the creative passions of artists who want to develop technical and creative mastery. 

Our Vision

We advise creatives throughout their artistic journey to achieve new levels of success through our innovative procedures.

Who We Are:

Linda Riesenberg Fisler

President: Linda R. Fisler

Linda Riesenberg Fisler was born in Southwest Ohio, studied Oil Painting under mentors Larry Dowd, Kevin Macpherson, George Gallo, and others. After resigning from Procter & Gamble in 2006, Linda focused her efforts on her podcast, Art Chat, created a business and art mentoring website with Kevin Macpherson, organized exhibitions and workshops, a consultant with other artists, board member at Middletown Arts Center, is an art instructor(in-person and virtual), award-winning artist, and is a self-published author of many fiction and non-fiction books. Her fiction series “The Blind Series” has placed in national and international book festivals. Linda is also a co-founder of the Artistic Harmonies Association, partnering with John Anderson, to lead the adventure of our mission/vision statements.

John A. Anderson

Secretary: John A. Anderson

John Anderson is a co-founder of Artistic Harmonies Association Inc., and the Corporate Affairs Specialist for The LinxUS Company, Inc., in the Metro Nashville Tennessee area. As the director of the Branson Art Organization, he co-authored the book The Art of Lloyd Branson – A Family Connection. A story and original artwork of Lloyd Branson an East Tennessee artist (1853-1925). John also assisted in the retrospective exhibits at the East Tennessee Historical Center in Knoxville, TN. and The Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, TN. His experience as a business consultant and entrepreneur specialist spans several decades of business-based values, knowledge, and compliance.