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In the last three weeks, our paths have crossed with two organizations with which we hope to develop working relationships. In the weeks ahead, we will discuss various topics that we hope will help you become a successful Artist Entrepreneur. The Artistic Harmonies Association recognizes the expertise of each of these businesses and looks forward to creating strong relationships with each. Before introducing these businesses, we will update you on current events.

Time is ticking down for the response to our invitation to join our Board of Directors. We have had a good response and look forward to announcing our board members in November. The work after that will switch to content development, focus on collector projects, and creating documents, collections, videos, blogs, and podcasts that bring you the information needed to be successful. So shortly, and if you are a member of Artistic Harmonies, you will see projects and their stage of creation listed on the AHA Moment page, Quick Clips Page, and the Educational Course page.

In our investigation for content, we discovered two businesses whose blogs and website content are wonderful resources for the Artist Entrepreneur. In the blogs ahead, we’ll be highlighting their work and, in the future, hope to work with each company to further progress against all our Missions/Visions.

Who are these two companies?

Artwork Archive ( is a company dedicated to helping artists, collectors, and organizations manage their products (artworks). This online art inventory system provides detailed information about each work of art, including availability, location, price, detailed inventory reports, and online exhibitions (both private and public) for each piece of artwork entered into the system. The Artistic Harmonies Association is now a member organization of Artwork Archive. Planning for personal exhibitions is being designed, along with a strategy for members to submit their artwork to be part of a collection exhibited to prospective collectors/buyers.

As we work on our strategies, we have discovered many informative blogs on the Artwork Archive website. Katie Carey, the Head of Content at Artwork Archive, will be working with us as we provide information and strategies that will make you a successful entrepreneur with an organized inventory that will make you more successful. In addition, we will provide links to Artwork Archive’s blog so that you can experience the thoughtful and necessary information for that success. At the Artistic Harmonies Association, we believe that any artist (hobbyist or professional) needs to have a handle on their inventories, tracking available pieces of art and sold works.

The second company is:

The Clark Hulings Foundation ( is similar to the Artistic Harmonies Association in that both organizations discusses building bridges. Those bridges would span between the artists and collectors, artists and corporations, and artists with those who can provide pathways for artists to become successful. The Clark Hulings Foundation focuses on the artist as a business person, providing strategies and training to members.

We look forward to exploring more about this foundation and working with them to bring success to the artist entrepreneur.

In October, Art Chat has two recording sessions scheduled. The first one is with Justin Anthony, co-founder of Artwork Archive. Linda and Justin will talk, focusing on the artist as an entrepreneur. The following week, Linda will interview Elizabeth Huling, Executive Director of the Clark Hulings Foundation. Elizabeth and Justin will introduce their companies to our podcast audience. Elizabeth will also discuss where the art world is moving and what artists need to do to succeed.  

Be sure to keep an eye out for those podcasts and future blogs. It is a very exciting time here at the Artistic Harmonies Association!

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