The Winds of Change

By Linda Riesenberg Fisler

Many things can influence the creative process. There are times when we don’t feel like creating—good times and bad. The key is staying balanced.

When I worked for a corporation, the expectation was that the work got done, whether something fantastic or tragic happened. So I would take a personal day to mourn or acknowledge the sadness. Usually, having something to do made the sad times better. It was the distraction that got me back on track.

Having someone believe in your work can refresh your energy. This has happened to me recently, and the breathe of fresh air and energy has me in the zone, with new goals developed. I hope our upcoming series of podcasts will do the same for you. Believe me, my plate is full!! So much to tell you, but yet, I can’t because I’m manifesting what that outcome is.

Working on Book Five of the novel series!
Finishing the Hawksbill Hike Painting!
Working on AHA buisness!

As we record John’s business series podcasts, I find myself reflecting on my work habits, now mostly focused in the creative zone granting myself leeway from time to time. John has some interesting questions and wonderful guidance to help you think about and work toward your goals.

At Artistic Harmonies Association, we want to focus on helping you become more successful. There is nothing like seeing your dreams develop into reality, maybe just beyond your fingertips. The excitement of the goal within reach is a place I know I relish—the possibility of what is to come waiting for me to grab it and make it my truth.

The magic of relationships forged. The support of like-minded warriors on the path you are treading is hard to find. Walking along that sharp edge of harmony with life and loved ones can be quite the balancing act. 

Know this—we get it. We are looking for like-minded creators to join our association and work with us. Are you ready?  

Join Us!!

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