Aha Moments of Managing an Art Business

By: John Anderson, AHA

February 14, 2022

Series 2—Blog post #1

John Anderson,
Co-Founder of Artistic Harmonies Association

Yesterday, Linda and I met on Art Chat. The purpose of the Audio and YouTube productions was to talk about the direction of the Artistic Harmonies Association (AHA). It also served as an explanation of the nine remaining episodes to finish the Series 2 blogposts.

I am starting at ground zero for anyone interested in the art industry. There are many areas of Art to explore and pursue. Some create, patronize, influence, and amplify the many economic values of Art and engage in different ways depending on the medium and media in which Art is presented–the Visual Arts, Literature, Music, Films, Theater, and Architecture.

I’m sure I have missed several others, and when you think of the visual arts’ scope, it can be overwhelming. At least it is for me as I never got past the stage of breaking my crayons. However, I did learn a lot about business in all my years and still gaining more knowledge today. My passion is about Organizing for Good.

AHA will be working to form a group of companies that will strive to differentiate, break down barriers for artists and creatives, and most of all, create opportunities for good where everything connects in harmony. We began by launching our website and seem to have Aha Moments every day. We expect more as we grow with the development of an Artistic Harmonies Think Tank, input from our Honorary Members, Active Members, our Board of Directors, and those who have a genuine interest in the art world—the Aesthete.

Next? I will be on Art Chat with Linda Riesenberg Fisler, and we will dive into the upcoming topics. In Series 2 – part 2, we will be Centering on What Matters Most – You! Part 3, we will be talking about Knowing and Understanding Self. In Part 4, we will delve into core values, specifically, It’s About Your Core Values. Moving on to Part 5, Linda and I will compare notes on What Do You Want Out of Art? The meaning of “Value” in Art has multiple interpretations, so yes, we will be discussing in Part 6 what it means when referring to Knowing Your Value (and the Value of Your Art). Part 7 explains the need for a timeline and listing your priorities. It is aptly called The Priorities and Your Timeline – are you asking the right questions? Part 8 closely follows with Managing Your Commitments to Align with Your Priorities. Finally, as we have the finish line in sight for this series, Part 9 will Reflect on Your Progress. The finish line? In Part 10, we will evaluate your methods and learn to Accept the Challenges and Stay Consistent. Certainly, you can expect a few Aha Moments throughout the series.

I close with this, the same as is on yesterday’s podcast. Each day comes with wins and losses. Wins help build periods that make up a person’s positive experiences.

And losses? Well, they provide lessons to be learned at the expense of your most valuable asset—time. But, overall, your innovative nature is the energy that keeps your drive alive.

It focuses on the legend of the dragon that remains my mantra every day.

“The dragon embodies the power, beauty, and mystery of your own inner forces that shape and interact with your world. There is an opportunity inherent in every attempt and failure. There is a chance to turn all experiences into positive lessons. There are lessons to be learned—in effect… to ride the dragon instead of being devoured by it.”

(Bryan, M. Cameron, J. & Allen, C. The Artists Way, 1999)

Join us and get warmed up for the series by reviewing the AHA website – its features and benefits.

John Anderson, AHA

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