Get A Handle On Social Media

By: Linda Riesenberg Fisler

November 22, 2021

Social media can be a curse. It can also be a blessing. There is no doubt that it can be a time-waster too! So why do we even bother?

Over the last few months, we have depended on social media to get the word out about the Artistic Harmonies Association.  If you read my previous blog, you will understand social media’s impact on our soft launch. However, we have not paid for any advertising on social media. So, a good thing about social media is free advertising. But, to be honest, the results haven’t been much different when I have paid for advertising on social media.

Social media is not the center or only part of our launch strategy. Instead, it is one piece of our marketing strategy.  Through the decades, one aspect of marketing remains true. It evens appears on social media.  The foundation of your marketing plan should be “word of mouth” advertising. People pay attention when you lend your voice to endorse an artist, product, or service. 

Not knowing how to leverage the time spent on social media posts can make you spend more time on social media than on your business. How many times have we logged on to post one thing and discovered that we are off in another direction an hour later without accomplishing our original task?  Been there—done that! 

There is nothing wrong with keeping up with family, friends, and hopefully collectors via this tool. However, discipline and some tricks to help you spend your time efficiently are all that is needed.  Artistic Harmonies wants to help with that.

A discussion with John and some thinking on how I can be more efficient led us to another bullet point on our to-do list. I will be writing a Guide to Social Media.  To make this guide helpful to all, I’d like to hear from YOU!  (John thinks I’m a wiz at social media–don’t tell him otherwise, ok? 😉

  • What are your frustrations and good experiences with Social Media?
  • What do you want to know about Social Media that would change your approach to it?
  • How much time do you spend on Social Media?
  • What is your process to announce events or milestones?

Feel free to email me at or comment below. I will take all your input to help us focus on what is needed to make your social media experience sparkle! I’m anxious to hear from you!

Artistic Harmonies Association wishes all our American friends Happy Thanksgiving! We are counting all we are grateful for this Thursday and one of those things is YOU!!

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