(5) Valuing Your Business and…

The Opportunity to Check Your Pre-Planning Process

John Anderson, AHA

November 10, 2021

Series 1 – Blog post #5.

We all encounter setbacks in the quest to start an art business. Purposes change and visions alter as you begin the process to make critical decisions involving your objectives. Looking at previous blogs gives us three specific areas to consider involving self-assessment: What are your dreams about owning an art business? Do you have what it takes to reach your goals? Are you mindful of what is and what is to be? Artistic Harmonies Association will enable you to get started, stay focused and keep on track in planning the way forward.

Planning can have its unique hiccups along the way, and adjusting the plan is a fact of life. Some of these missteps are a point of reflection and the learning process. However, even when we focus on our goals, strategies, and the tasks at hand, collapses can occur or worse, we procrastinate, and mental pressure and doubt persist. As a result, procrastination becomes a short-term regulator, which makes the pain leave temporarily, even if putting off the corrective actions brings only more pain later when we cannot handle corrective measures.

Just remember this, we all encounter setbacks while planning and doing the things to succeed. Make a promise to yourself to focus on the process, your work and the care and feeding of your task lists. Concentrate on getting things done and be flexible in changing direction if needed. As I discussed with my art partner Linda, setbacks will come, and we often have to “reset” our commitments and timeline.

Your advantage is that we can collaborate on your experiences and the way forward that best suits your ultimate goals.

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John Anderson, AHA

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