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John Anderson, AHA

November 3, 2021

The Chance of the UNEXPECTED! Calls for changes

In a matter of seconds, we can be forced to change things. The event scheduled as “Chat, Create, and Cocktails” on November 4th has taken an unexpected turn. Tom, my art partner’s husband experienced one of those split-second accidents that hospitalized him for a few days. Linda’s significant other turned his regular bicycle outing toward the pavement and sustained injuries as a result of the spill.

I do not know the official status of Tom’s condition, but I understand he did sustain a concussion and broken ribs. I am speculating that he will return home with Linda today and will take some needed rest and recovery. For this reason, I believe we will be postponing and rescheduling our ArtChat and activities for November 4th.  We will announce when we can reschedule the event and know we will have an exceptional time – supercharged with surprises.

So, stay tuned and we all hope for a speedy recovery for Tom. Linda and I will put our heads together to provide you a new date, time, and for the next ArtChat. I will pick up where my last blog post left off, (“Valuing Your Business and… Filling in the Blanks by Refining Your Business Profile!”) next week, on November 11th.

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John Anderson, AHA

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