(4) Valuing Your Business and…

Filling in the Blanks… Refine Your Business Profile!

By: John Anderson October 28, 2021

In the last blog post, I challenged you to start with a blank piece of paper. Is it still blank? If so, that’s okay because this is a lifechanging process. Even the best of us realizes that having an idea is only a part of the progression of steps to get from point A to B. If you were to concentrate on the elements of the graphic above the obvious elements that seem to stand out are “Idea and Success.” All well and good, but if you were to animate the above and walk the “ideator” to the right, you would find another board that is covered top to bottom, (as this one is) that goes back to all of our reasons “why?”

Aha! Let’s make sure that you have fixed your business to achieve your personal desired results. I’m hoping here that you agree that a person’s drive to live the lifestyle they want is much larger than the drive to make money. I mean, what’s the sense of making big bucks if you can’t get time to enjoy it and build a life that exceeds your expectations? The point here is to make sure that your business objectives include opening up the areas of opportunity so that you satisfy your personal goals, the desires of your customers, employees, and community. The world of art should benefit too.

So, get another blank piece of paper and refine your business profile to model what the imaginable screen should look like to the right, and use it to complement our illustration of idea and success. Your business success must be satisfied by understanding and meeting the benefits to all your stakeholders. “Every day we’re given small opportunities to bring someone joy that can make a huge difference in life.” Delilah, says one and all. It’s simple to make a buck, but more satisfying to make a difference!

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