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Begin your Pre-planning… Set up your rewards!

By: John Anderson Oct. 21, 2021

You are starting an art business and you have multiple reasons for doing this. To earn enough money to achieve true freedom and manage time, to live your desired lifestyle, find peace through creativity and achieve recognition,  create meaningful challenges and worthwhile goals with their life, and to make decisions that produce happiness. The list can be as long as taking a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail, or as a short walk on the beach. The path and the journey is yours to conceive, plan, and follow through to completion.

We will help, and you will be happy you did. As I have said before, “If you do the research, you will find that your personal needs and wants must be quantified to achieve your ultimate objective for happiness and satisfaction.” 

So here’s your first task.

1) Blank piece of paper. 2) Begin listing all things you would like to achieve and receive – explain why you want to do this. 3) What you want and need – ex., a fully stocked studio. 4) Travel related to my art and creative development., and more. The keys? Be specific and detailed; right down to the anticipated costs of the last tube of paint, number of brushes, and so on. Oh yes, and how much will you have to make in gross income to pay for all of these wants and needs.  We’ll be discussing this as we formalize your plan and determine some targeted goals to achieve a worthy profit.

This deserves repeating from a previous blog post: “The number of reasons to start a business in the art world can number in the 10s of 100s. Happiness and satisfaction are based on your personal decision to change. Remember we talked about your “Why” in a previous blog post? Here are just a few reasons to start an art business… then contact me and tell me your reasons. Examples in no particular order or priority: It’s in your blood; you want to pursue your passion; to find others with similar interests; experience freedom (financial and lifestyle); take ownership of your career; to find inspiration, or be inspired; to stretch your creative potential – the list grows longer with each thought.”

Remember, we will discuss, concept, research, planning, implementation, and growth goals. We will start from scratch.

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John Anderson

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