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Warming Up Your Business Interests

By: John Anderson, AHA October 7, 2021

As the weeks move forward, we begin our march toward a new year and the official launch of Artistic Harmonies Association Inc. Our non-profit organization will focus on assisting

everyone in understanding a new direction of hope for the arts. A primary objective is to receive as much participation from our membership as they can share. We want to spread this information and the associated new opportunities throughout the art world. AHA will launch the plan in January 2022, with the implementation of our business and marketing plans.

Our initial objective is to build the number of members in AHA with people who are passionate and excited about expanding value-added possibilities. Leading up to that point, I will focus on the strategies needed to implement an effective process for advancing your impact as a business on the arts. These tactics will begin with business and visual art blog posts that clearly explain issues that enrich the artist’s perspective and business objectives.

AHA will be presenting business development from several perspectives – concept, research, planning, implementation, and growth goals. We will start from scratch, similar to mixing pigments while expecting quality results, by using business stages in an organic and inorganic manner. It takes into consideration start-ups, early growth, and maturing cycles.

So join us in the series of blogs preceding our launch. Subscribe to the newsletter. We have some programming announcements that will offer free business services to a select group of lucky subscribers. Remember too that this is open to artists and aesthetes, so don’t delay. Introduce yourself to me after you subscribe, and we’ll get started on your business interests.

Contact me: We will get acquainted.

John Anderson

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