Valuing Art?

Let Me Count the Ways!

By: John Anderson, AHA September 30, 2021

Arguably, sources indicate there are minimally from four to twelve types of values that through some reasonable applications can be expanded to eighty types or more. From my perspective and within the parameters of the art business,

artistic values are models that guide the behavior of a creative culture and serve as a guide in the assessment of its activities. Specifically, Artistic Harmonies Association values ​​are, then, a set of beliefs that we have incorporated for imaginative people to be able to live with dignity of purpose and in accordance with personal emotions and passions.

We intend to examine values with the creative and aesthete in mind. And sure, we are going to address economic values for specific works of art because for too long we believe artists have not received a proper value when pricing their work. AHA intends to set new meaning into the theories of values by examining the extrinsic, intrinsic, systemic, and the resonance of value for artwork. Traditional evaluations and appraisals of artwork are currently based on outdated and biased opinions that do not bring proper value to creative or collector’s investments.

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“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”   O

I repeat the following with confidence from a previous blogpost: 

As you are reading this, know that AHA is interested in your story and all of the elements that combine to lead you through each day.  No doubt, not all stories are related to art directly but the substance there might be the reason to take that first step into the artworld – again as a creative artist, or like me – an “aesthete.”

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John Anderson, AHA

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