Changes in the Wind

By: John Anderson, AHA

September 16, 2021

The Business of Valuing Art is Changing

It is undeniable. If you so choose, the art world is a limitless profession. Of the requirements needed to be an accomplished professional, is to ask questions – a pro questions everything. Every answer then needs to be followed by asking even more questions until understanding becomes second nature. In addition, to be a true professional requires that an individual brings value to every aspect of the artistic arena of ideas. A professional involved in the arts knows that creativity in itself is a gift. All gifts have value, and they extend beyond the visual rewards extracted from creative works. Did I mention that an artist, a creative, an aesthete can become successful in an art-related business? Are you successful? Can you measure your success? Is your art business sustainable?

One of the objectives of Artistic Harmonies Association is to help creatives open the doors to opportunity. We begin by helping an individual decide where their greatest gifts reside. We evaluate purpose, plan, values, and strategies as they apply to a person’s dreams, desires, and interests. Together we set out on a path and consider every possible alternate route. Successful artists as well as those in business use creative thinking and critical analysis to get from point A to B and beyond.

How can AHA help? We ask questions, then provide answers, and delve deeper into more questions to find your best fit in the world of art. Remember: a plan is nothing but planning and execution is everything. By collaborating we can explore your questions and bring about your best plan. Then we will support that plan to achieve your objectives, goals and your “value achievements.” Of course, this all starts with you – the creative.

Creative, successful artists and businessmen rarely approach the same thing in the same way twice.”

                                                                                                                        – Lee Caplin

I repeat this with confidence from a previous blogpost of 09/09/2021:

Although artists typically work alone in their studios and business, they choose to play a much larger role in advancing the arts and creativity. AND “The objective is to discover where you are in the business cycle, the best path forward to meet your challenges and the best actions to take to reap the rewards. Knowing it takes time for a business to grow, we also know that success begins with a seed, and progresses to full bloom.”

As Artistic Harmonies Association we would like to hear from you and become part of a collective community of positive influence in the world of art. Will you join in the conversation?

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