By John Anderson, AHA

August 26, 2021

What’s Your Dream?

“Daydreams are made up of pieces of who we are. When these pieces reflect real life and flow like stories, we pay attention, we look, we become aware.”

Creatives tell stories – through memories, musings, and most of all, through their art. Just as they would load their brushes, prepare to paint, draw, sculpt and utilize their tools of choice, they make ready to capture or create chosen images using their mediums of choice. The objective is to tell a story. We view their finished work in many forms and visual art appeals to us as much as the creativity of the photographer, author, musician, and performance artists. I say, “All things of interest have a story.” Even the aesthetician, or lover of the artworld, views, reads, listens, and uses the full spectrum of their senses to create or follow a story represented or a dream during our stream of consciousness.

As you are reading this, know that AHA is interested in your story and all of the elements that combine to lead you through each day.  No doubt, not all stories are related to art directly but the substance there might be the reason to take that first step into the artworld – again as a creative artist, or like me – an “aesthete.” Who knows, somewhere in your history or in your daydreams there might be the impetus of realizing your creative dreams. At any time in your life you can choose to reach out to your artistic harmonies and make some dreams come true. That is why we are here.

So, reach out to us through our website www.artisticharmoniesassoc.com and we will keep the conversations between us confidential. At AHA, we are mindful and protective of what was, and ready to celebrate your journey of “what is to be!” Tell us your story so we can collaborate on achieving your true dreams in the artworld – including my help as an aesthete and business counselor. Contact Linda and me, and we will respond.


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