Measuring Your Creative Reality

By: John Anderson, AHA

It’s okay to be honest with yourself. More importantly, it is perfectly acceptable to ignore the energy-sucking, marginally talented experts who believe they know you better than you know you. Suggestion: Bond with the individuals who support your enthusiasm and confidence. You know them. Like you, they aspire to reach beyond peak performance. And know this; you are perfectly qualified to choose your vision, to create your mission, and to carve out the strategies that map out an outstanding journey. All flourishing companies do it. The majority of the employees are there who appreciate the opportunity to work for someone else, thereby help those entities reach their objectives and goals to succeed greatly. How do I maximize my potential? My suggestion is to first read this paragraph again, absorb it, and move on to the next.

The next? Part of understanding your “Why,” as discussed in the previous blogpost (see it here), is to form a complex list of value you wish to receive from your efforts. Make a list – make an extensive list! Most creatives want to reach different degrees of financial success. Some say, “just enough to pay for all my supplies, to allow myself a comfortable lifestyle, to open a small gallery, to sell 100 pieces of my work-product every year, or to open a large gallery/shop that will support me and my family.  The list should be long and detailed, and of course, should be broken up to detail a timeline with “milestones” to be reached along the way. There will be challenges and potholes ahead.

Remember, in art: “We grow and reach maturity of the soul when we propose to learn from adversity and challenges, because it is in discomfort that we discover the most powerful lessons about ourselves and about life. If there is no contrast, there is no awareness. And if we go through life, unconscious, unaware of everything it wants to teach us, we just exist, instead of living.” -Wandy Luz

We have much more to discuss in the following weeks. Follow along and contact us if you have any questions, or comment. We cherish the interchanges to ensure that art will survive the ages. And don’t forget to join our free newsletter.



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