Asking What-If-

Some Advice For Improving Your Artist Eye. By: Linda Riesenberg Fisler October 18, 2021 How does an artist see? How does an artist improve how they see? How didPast Masters see and what insight can I learn from them? Is there a way to study them to see differently? Is there a right or wrong […]

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(2)Valuing Your Business and…

Narrowing Your Choices Based on Your Personal   Decision To Change Your Life By: John Anderson, AHA October 10, 2021 For the most part, starting your own business can become a long list of reasons that you think will provide for your personal needs and wants. The icing on the cake is that your list […]

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The Most listened to Art Chat?

Interview with Sherrie McGraw By: Linda R. Fisler October 11, 2021 Do you want to know which is the most listened to Art Chat?  It is a discussion with artist Sherrie McGraw with close to 30,000 listens to date! On September 20, 2012, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sherrie McGraw on AMO Art Chat. (Please […]

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Valuing Your Business and…

Warming Up Your Business Interests By: John Anderson, AHA October 7, 2021 As the weeks move forward, we begin our march toward a new year and the official launch of Artistic Harmonies Association Inc. Our non-profit organization will focus on assisting everyone in understanding a new direction of hope for the arts. A primary objective […]

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Keep It Simple!

By Linda R. Fisler September 29, 2021 We learn so much about the keys to making a great painting, a hit song or movie score, an intriguing script, or a blockbuster movie or series through our creative journeys. In each discipline, there are foundational elements necessary to achieve a very basic good product. However, to […]

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Valuing Art?

Let Me Count the Ways! By: John Anderson, AHA September 30, 2021 Arguably, sources indicate there are minimally from four to twelve types of values that through some reasonable applications can be expanded to eighty types or more. From my perspective and within the parameters of the art business, artistic values are models that guide […]

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Do You Have What it Takes?

Which Is Harder: Starting a Painting or Finishing a Painting? by Linda Riesenberg Fisler One summer when I was first starting out, motivation to paint was coming to me sparingly. I couldn’t find the inspiration or enthusiasm to pick up the brush. My goals seemed simple enough—hone my skills, increase my understanding, make my paintings better […]

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Art can be your Magic Carpet

By John Anderson, AHA September 23, 2021 Fantasy is a dream, a disguise for creativity. In a previous blogpost I asked, “What’s your dream?” Further, I suggested that the full spectrum of our senses is to create or follow a story represented by a dream (or fantasy) that takes place during our stream of consciousness. […]

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Paint with Excitement and Love

Art Chat interview with Director/Writer/Producer George Gallo by Linda R. Fisler In my time studying art, art history, and continuing on my art journey, there come many opportunities to finding inspiration in many places as long as you keep your eyes, heart, and self-open. In keeping yourself open, one needs to see many instruments to […]

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Changes in the Wind

By: John Anderson, AHA September 16, 2021 The Business of Valuing Art is Changing It is undeniable. If you so choose, the art world is a limitless profession. Of the requirements needed to be an accomplished professional, is to ask questions – a pro questions everything. Every answer then needs to be followed by asking […]

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